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P&F 2006 Campaign News Coverage

From the 2 June 2006 Pasadena Independent, original version still available:

Congressional Contenders for 29th District

All but one of the candidates for the 29th Congressional District gathered recently for a forum at the Pasadena Adult Center.

Republican Bill Bodell of La Crescenta, the only candidate in his primary, claimed he wasn’t invited. The hosts say he was invited. Of the others actually on the ballot, all but one is guaranteed a spot in November, with the only contested primary among the Democrats.

Incumbent Adam Schiff is opposed by fellow Democrat Bob McCloskey, who recalled walking precincts in the past for Schiff. “I wish you were still doing it,” Schiff said.

Unopposed in their primaries are Green Party candidate Bill Paparian, Peace and Freedom candidate Lynda Llamas, and Libertarian Jim Keller. Also appearing was John Burton, seeking a ballot spot as an independent.

Keller said as a Libertarian, he favored the least government possible. He said health care could be solved by eliminating government regulation, and said inflation is caused by government spending. He said he opposes the war in Iraq.

Llamas said she finds it ironic she is representing a party formed to fight the Vietnam War, and the same debate is going on today. She blasted the incumbent for his position on the war, and called on the audience to vote for new leadership.

Bob McCloskey said he was a Democrat but was running against Schiff now to challenge what McCloskey called his failure to support troop withdrawal. He said he has worked 20 years as a union organizer, and is in touch with the district needs.

Bill Paparian, former councilman and mayor in Pasadena, said he was challenged by his son to run. He blasted Schiff as being out of touch with local residents, residing in Washington and with little contact with district issues.

Schiff, speaking next to last, said he is concentrating his efforts on dealing with the issue of nuclear proliferation. He said he is in the district almost weekly.

Schiff said he challenged the National Security Agency wiretapping and data collection. The congressman said he has been asked to mentor Democratic house candidates with a view toward winning control of the House in November.

John Burton, given three minutes to speak, said he was working to collect enough signatures to put him on the ballot in November, as an independent representing the Socialist Equality Party. He is a Pasadena attorney.

This story was also printed in the 2 June 2006 Arcadia Weekly, the 2 June 2006 Monrovia Weekly, and the 2 June 2006 La Cañada Flintridge Weekly.


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