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11 February 2007 to 7 March 2007
deadline for potential candidates to register out of other parties to run in 3 June 2008 P&F primary
13 November 2007 to 8 December 2007
deadline for potential candidates to be registered as Peace & Freedom to run in 3 June 2008 P&F primary


Resources for P&F Activists: Candidates, Potential Candidates and Others

Independent Progressive Politics Network Campaign Manual

The Independent Progressive Politics Network has produced a series of manuals for running local electoral campaigns. The most recent published edition (the 4th edition, from January 2002) was only on their website as a Word document and as an HTML file that was only a bad reproduction of the Word document with no links. With the permission of the main author, Karen Kubby (a Socialist who was member of the Iowa City, Iowa, City Council for three terms), we have included three versions on our website:

Campaign and Candidate Training Materials

The Peace and Freedom Party's state organization is conducting a number of training sessions for its candidates and key campaign workers. The first of these are being held on December 18, 2005, in Los Angeles and Sacramento, in the San Francisco Bay Area on December 26, 2005, and in the San Diego area at a time not yet set. C.T. Weber, with help from Kevin Akin and John Reiger, prepared a candidate guide which was used at the December 18th trainings (of which the Sacramento one is being lead by C.T.). Dave Kadlecek prepared a timeline which was used at the December 26th training.

Central Committees

State and County Central Committees are the governing body of the Peace and Freedom Party. Members of the Central Committees are elected in each county in the primary elections in even-numbered years. The number of central committee members elected in each county, whether they are elected at-large or by district, and how many valid signatures of Peace and Freedom Party registrants are needed for nomination depends on the P&F registration figures statewide, in the county and district. This is supposed to be calculated by election officials in early February 2006, based on the registration figures available at the time, and announced by February 11, 2006. This page estimated the number of seats and signatures needed based on the P&F registration figures as of October 24, 2005. This page calculates the number of seats and signatures needed based on the P&F registration figures as of January 3, 2006, the same ones the election officials should be using.

In the past, P&F Central Committees seats were often won by write-in candidates, when fewer candidates qualified for the ballot than there were seats in the appropriate jurisdiction. In 1999, during the time we were off the ballot, the Legislature changed the law to require county elections officials to cancel uncontested elections for Peace and Freedom Party Central Committees, unless they receive a petition signed by 25 P&F registrants "indicating that a write-in campaign will be conducted for the office". If no such petition is received by 20 days after the deadline for filing nomination papers (for the June 6, 2006, primary election, March 30th), then the election for Central Committees will be canceled and no one will have the opportunity to run as a write-in.

The Elections Code doesn't specify the form of such a petition, and we don't know of any counties that have their own forms for this petition. So, if you want to allow write-in candidates to run for Peace and Freedom Party Central Committees in June, you need to create your own petition and collect 25 valid signatures on it by March 30th. For the 2004 elections, P&F activists in several counties downloaded and used petition forms similar to those in this list:

2006 Election Preparations Committee

In 2005, the Peace and Freedom Party's State Central Committee formed a 2006 Election Preparations Committee to organize for the provision of technical assistance and training to 2006 P&F candidates and their campaigns, to develop proposals for party strategy in the 2006 elections, and to help recruit P&F candidates for 2006. If you are a candidate or potential candidate and you would like the Election Preparations Committee's advice or assistance, please contact the committee at epc@peaceandfreedom2006.org. If you would like to join the committee and participate in its work, you can start by joining its internal email list, which can be done by filling out the form below (and, if your email address won't be recognizable as that of a current member of the P&F State Central Committee, contacting the list owner directly at epc-listowner@peaceandfreedom2006.org to explain who you are and why you want to join the Election Preparations Committee email list).

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