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11 February 2007 to 7 March 2007
deadline for potential candidates to register out of other parties to run in 3 June 2008 P&F primary
13 November 2007 to 8 December 2007
deadline for potential candidates to be registered as Peace & Freedom to run in 3 June 2008 P&F primary


Dina Padilla for Congress, 11th District

Dina Padilla is running for Congress in the 11th Congressional District, which includes most of San Joaquin county (Manteca and Tracy but not Lathrop; Ripon, Escalon, San Joaquin and Lodi; and parts of Stockton, mostly the northwestern portion but also some northeastern and southeastern areas), south-central (Danville and San Ramon) and northeastern (Brentwood, but not Oakley or Antioch) parts of Contra Costa County, parts of Alameda County (Dublin, Pleasanton, and rural areas south of Pleasanton and of Livermore and east of Altamont Pass), and eastern portions of Santa Clara County (including Morgan Hill but not Gilroy in the south, and only rural areas further north).

Ms. Padilla is running as a write-in candidate. Under the provisions of Election Code section 8605, she would be required to get 1,672 write-in votes in the June 6th Peace and Freedom Party primary to be nominated, which would be an impossible task since there are less than half that many people eligible to vote in the P&F primary in the 11th Congressional District (as of 7 April 2006, 732 P&F registrants in the district). However, in November 2004, California voters passed Proposition 60, which amended the state constitution to say that each party "shall not be denied the ability to place on the general election ballot the candidate who received, at the primary election, the highest vote among that party’s candidates". This means that Dina should appear on the November ballot as the Peace and Freedom Party's nominee if she meets the requirements of the party's bylaws, to get the write-in votes of at least two percent of those P&F registrants participating in the June primary (probably between two and ten votes) or at least one write-in vote and ratification by the P&F state convention in August.

Candidate Statement

My first action on taking office would be to introduce a resolution for the impeachment of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

I would also introduce a bill for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces in Iraq and the Middle East, and I will vote against any further funding of the war. This funding should go for the health and education of citizens of the United States.

I will work with supporters of peace and accord around the world, to end all wars and to live in peace.

I would introduce a bill for national healthcare and the elimination of all insurance companies in control of healthcare. I would also introduce a bill for a democratic structure for the healthcare industry, with workers and healthcare recepients electing boards to run the healthcare industry.

I would introduce a bill to end insurance companies' control of workers compensation insurance and HMOs' control of this country's citizens' healthcare. Insurance companies and HMOs are reaping untold dollars while they commit egregious medical malpractice against patients, workers and their families.

That the next resolution is that the United States government once again becomes responsive, responsible and accountable to its citizens.

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